Hello! Welcome to City Caramels.

Allow me to tell you about two of my favorite things: Chicago and Candy!

I love Chicago, a glimpse of the skyline instantly energizes me, being on the lake makes me insanely happy and walking through its various neighborhoods is a favorite pastime. It’s the last item that I find to be incredibly unique about Chicago—each neighborhood has its own distinct flavor—a vibe that emanates from its streets, its architecture and the people who reside in its borders.

The other inanimate object that I love is….candy! My love affair began as a child and continues on into my adulthood. So, my idea was to combine my two great loves and voila! City Caramels was born. My caramels are delicious. Each sweet, creamy bite captures the essence of the neighborhood it represents.

Life moves pretty fast and we don’t always take the time to savor the moment. My hope is that these City Caramels will allow you to do just that—savor the moment and enjoy city living—it tastes great!